Quality Policy

To make the name of Turkey and SM Yachts more known to the world, and to offer the right and most appropriate solutions to our industry quickly.

To meet the expectations of all parties with whom we cooperate in line with strategic goals.

To implement and maintain innovative activities with innovative and creative approaches.

To keep the performance level constantly high with the trainings we provide to our employees, to spread the awareness of quality, and to be a customer-oriented team by preventing any inconveniences that may arise.

Using our experience and all the resources we have; to transform the feedback we receive from the customers into customer satisfaction in a short time in an impartial and fair manner in line with the principle of confidentiality and to make the solutions permanent.

We aim to continuously improve product quality within the framework of compliance with international and national laws and all kinds of legislative requirements and we are committed to carrying out all our activities in accordance with this policy.